Mallorca Taxi Car

Airport transfers in Mallorca from 1 to 7 passengers

Terms and conditions

  • Once confirmed the reserve, MALLORCATAXICAR.COM is forced the fulfillment of the contracted service.
  • MALLORCATAXICAR.COM reserves the following rights:
    • Cancellation of the reservation in case some of the information gives in the form are not true.
    • Cancellation of the reservation, in case you do not notified us that you bring a pet.
    • Cancellation of the reservation by causes external to our company.
  • In case the flight is delayed it does not suppose an increase of the services price, but you should give us a call as soon as you know about the delay, just to keep us informed.
  • By mechanical reasons the client has right to a vehicle of getting another car before an hour.
  • The client cannot choose the car model, you will get a car suitable to your reservation.
  • If the luggage or nº of passengers exceedes the capacity or nº car seats, a second vehicle with will be supply and the client pay for it. (it says in the for clearly, nº of suitcases and passengers, including children and their age, to provide the most suitable vehicle to your needs).
  • The following services will be carried out by minivan:
    • The combination of 2 of the following seats (baby seat, child seat and booster seat with backrest)
    •  If the luggage exceeds 3 suitcases and a baby stroller.
    • More than 4 people.
    • At the customer’s choice.
  • The service will be paid by cash or credit card.
  • The extra charge for golf clubs or bicycles will be added to the final price.
  • The client has to make the reservation at least 24 hours before the service, to be guaranteed.
  • If something happens and you can’t get back to the airport with us, please let us know as soon as possible. Just remember that we are from Palma and we have to move to another part of the island, just to pick you up. So let us know as soon as possible.
  • IF THE HOTEL RECEPTIONIST ORDERS A TAXI FOR YOU, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can cancel your reservation.
  • The sending of the reservation form, presuposses the knowledge and the acceptance of the “Terms and conditions” paragraph.
  • The manegement guarantees the privacy of the contributed personal particulars.
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